Pastor Ronald Squibb                                  February 17, 2013


                                                                        Romans 8: 5-17

What kind of mind do you have?  Sinful or Spiritual

                                                                        Romans 8:5

  1. The Carnal Mind
  2. The Spiritual Mind

Consequence #2 – Spiritual life, peace, blessing, joy!

4 Words That Gives Us Victory Over Self!

What is our responsibility as a Christian?  ___________________ I must take responsibility                                                                         Romans 8:14

Sins against the Holy Spirit:

  1. Do not quench the Spirit
  2. Do not grieve the Spirit
  3. Do not resist the Spirit

Look at the blessings: 1.  We receive the blessing of  

Why is the Christian Life Worth It?

Romans 8: 15-16

#1.  Affection
#2.  Access
#3.  Assurance
#4.  Awards